Overview Edit

Patch is an ongoing indie komiks series written and illustrated by Milo Galang. Formerly published under the Kyusi Kompanie group, it is now being released under Higlikas Komiks. The series details the story of Patricia "Patch" Chavez, a 27-year old call center agent who suddenly becomes a Puente - humans whose souls are infused with a sentient daemon.

Plot Edit

As Mundo Humano (The Human World) goes by with its normalcy and predictability, creatures called Likhao (Likhang-Tao or Man-made) wreak havoc underneath the surface, poisoning the mundane world with unknown magics. Disgruntled employee Patricia "Patch" Chavez finds herself in conflict with these malignant forces when she becomes a Puente after an encounter with a daemon named "Jerv". Embracing her new powers and the responsibilities thrust upon her, Patch sets out to be more than a simple white-collar worker with a dead-end job. Things aren't always as simple as she thought, as in addition to the Likhao she must slay, Patch must also contend with keeping a balance between her old life and new, as well as other Puente who see her as an unwanted intruder.