Noah wearing a costume in reference to his name (Noah Gabranth of Final Fantasy XII -- Original costume design by Akihiko Yoshida)

Noa no LRT (also known as Noah no LRT) (Filipino: LRT ni Noah, English: Noah's LRT) is a webkomik by Nikolai Andrei Banasihan. It started in October 2012, and is still an ongoing project.

The inspiration behind the project is his daily life. Noah does a lot of things, and therefore, a lot of things happen to him. (!!!)

Noah's full name is Noah Real, a play on (real life) Noah's internet codename: Noah Verus.

Noah Real is a young part-time college teacher who is doing a lot of things. Among them is being a musician and being a video game designer and developer. He likes to play roles of video game, comics and manga characters.

There is no "grand narrative" in the story. The strips usually could stand out for themselves. If there is any relatively longer story, it would last only a few strips.